2016-2017 Registration Information

West Bank High School of Religion (WBHSR) is a continuation of CCD classes after elementary and middle school. The classes are required for those attend public school and are planning on being confirmed in the 11th grade.

WBHSR 2016-2017 Registration Form

When you have completed the Registration and Policy Acceptance forms, please return it to the church office by emailing it to office@saintjohnboscochurch.org, or, alternatively, you may fax it to 504 340 9521. You may also place it in the collection basket at Sunday Mass, or drop it off at the church office. For further information, please contact the church office at office@saintjohnboscochurch.org, or, 504 340 0444.

WBHSR 2016-2017 FactSheet

WBHSR 2016-2017 Policy

WBHSR Policy acceptance

IMPORTANT: There is a mandatory parent meeting on Saturday, August 27, 2016 at 9AM at St. Cletus Church!

A schedule of class dates will be posted shortly.