The Schola Cantorum

UnknownThe Schola Cantorum, or, Singing School, is a new choral ensemble which will sing periodically throughout the year. Regular rehearsals will focus on developing the singers’ tonal production, proper breathing techniques, and sight-singing abilities, while developing a repertoire consisting of simple, traditional chants, hymns, and polyphony. Singers will learn to sing in both the vernacular (English), as well as in Latin, and Greek. No experience is necessary, nor is the ability to read music. All the necessary skills will be taught in the weekly rehearsals. All that is required in the desire to learn, and an ability to commit to regularly attending rehearsals and Masses. Inquiries should be directed to the Organist and Director of Sacred Music. You may speak with him after any weekend Mass, or by emailing Alternatively, you may telephone the church office at 504 340 0444.